Ideas by Topic

Winston Churchill said, "I am always ready to learn, but I do not always like being taught." Trying to keep learning fun and creative can be a challenge.  That's why it is helpful to share teaching ideas with each other.

Here is a compilation of ideas for teaching a variety of different subjects.

General Education
Quiz Time
Charlotte Mason Help
Turning Chores into Education
Education on a Budget

Math Learning Games

School in the Kitchen
Night Time Talks

Social Sciences
Learning Games
Games for Learning
Activities for the Hyper-Active Child
What to Do While We Wait
Games Website
Card Games
Math Learning Games 

Charlotte Mason Help
Nurture Shock
Games for Learning

Literacy (Reading, Spelling, Etc)
Teach your Child to Read
Spell to Write and Read
Let's Make a Book

Holidays and Themes
Thanksgiving Theme Week

For more teaching ideas, see "Music to Learn By" page