I am a mom, of three children, beginning my journey of homeschooling, although really we have been homeschooling from day one.  Every day is about learning and discovering.

I am teaching my oldest to read right now, but I've also had experience as an ESL teacher, teaching basic literacy to adults from other countries.  I have also had opportunities to teach Bible in various settings and I have taught pregnancy and parenting classes at a local crisis pregnancy center.

I hope to share my ideas of teaching and point to others' ideas who have way more experience and statistical research than I do.  I want to offer recommendations on books, curriculum, and other websites.  And I hope in the near future, to have others join the discussion.

This site embraces creativity and ideas, but is not meant to be just a homeschooling website.  Although I am personally making that choice, at least for this year, I in no way disapprove of other schools and want this to be an open discussion of creativity, learning, ideas, etc.  No political debates or school bashing allowed!!


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